Fluoride and Water Fluoridation Handouts
Please help educate everyone in Washington State. Print and distribute freely. It’s likely even your dentist and doctor are out of the touch with the recent studies and developments on fluoride.

10-Facts-about-Fluoride (PDF)

This full color fluoride handout includes over 50 references on the 10 facts about fluoride. A good introduction to the water fluoridation issue. Produced by F.A.N.

Fluoridation without consent mini-flyer (PDF)

Created by WASW, this is a 2-sided handout that prints on 8-1/2 x 11 paper and can be cut into 3.

Fluoride-Proponent-Claims-Rebutted (PDF)

How do you respond to claims made by fluoride promoters? See; “A Response to Pro-Fluoridation Claims,” from The Case Against Fluoride by Paul Connett PhD. It rebuts forty claims used to sell water fluoridation with facts and common sense. Now you have the answers when responding to dentists, council members, and other misinformed supporters of water fluoridation. Thanks to Paul Connett and FAN (Fluoride Action Network) for this sample chapter from his book.

Paul Connett, PhD Presentation from Seattle Town Hall Meeting (PPT, 9 mbs)

On March 17, 2014, Dr. Connett joined WASW at Town Hall Seattle to discuss why Seattle should end fluoridation. We’ve also posted a PDF (11 mbs).