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Fluoride and Autism

By WASW Board Member Audrey Adams – March 6, 2014

They say, “It takes one to know one”, and that is certainly true of we parents of children with an Autism Spectrum Disorder.  We are a special group, and while I don’t feel special, I do feel that I especially need other ASD parents.  We know stuff that other parents just don’t know because we have been forced to learn it, studying and understanding “biomedical” this or that often with little more than a high school education, because we have to.

We are a special group, not because we’re smarter, but because we can’t survive—and our children can’t thrive—on the “norm” that the rest of the world takes for granted.  So every day we go the extra 100 miles that it takes to try to reduce the hell that our children endure daily.   They are so brave, so strong, but the pain is often just too much for them and then they are labeled a “behavior problem”.   The medical care and health advice we parents get from “professionals” is usually well-meaning, but often completely useless, and sometimes is downright dangerous.

One of the more dangerous bits of “professional advice” is about fluoride,  a chemical identified by the EPA as a developmental neurotoxin, yet pushed by pediatric dentists, pediatricians and virtually all in public health to protect teeth.  We ASD parents would trade teeth for brains any day, every day.

When my son (now 28) was 14, he had been suffering horribly with chronic intense pain, headaches and a multitude of other symptoms.  Eight specialists had already given up on him, having exhausted their series of tests (for their particular part of the body).  They couldn’t figure it out, couldn’t help him.

A mom I had met at an autism conference was the one who finally offered the critically-needed advice:  Stop giving him fluoridated water.  We had tried everything else, with some success, but his pain and resulting symptoms persisted.  But when I began to use reverse osmosis water for drinking and cooking, which takes out the fluoride, my son’s pain melted away in 3 days.

Three days.  I had been giving my son pain-producing tap water for 14 years and didn’t know it.  Both relief and guilt filled me.  Now, 14 years later, I erase that old guilt by trying to spare other kids the pain my son endured…and so I share my knowledge through Washington Action for Safe Water.  Safe water.  How were we parents to know it wasn’t?  We’ve been lied to for decades—fluoride is not safe.

Ironically, it was yet another ASD mom, years after switching to fluoride-free water for drinking and cooking, who helped me to recognize that my son was also reacting to fluoridation chemicals in the shower.  What a shock.  That was hard to believe, but it doesn’t take long to uncover the truth by doing several in-home, mom-conducted “clinical trials”.

I know you’ll want to learn more, so much more.  You’re in for a treat.  Dr. Paul Connett, perhaps the most respected speaker in the world on the science against water fluoridation, is coming to Seattle Town Hall on March 17 at 7:00pm.

I’ll be there.  I hope you are too.

Audrey Adams
Mom to Kyle, 28, with autism and severe reactions to fluoride in water